Recipient of the World’s First Cord and Placental Stem Cell Transplant

Meet Quentin

When renowned pediatric oncologist Dr. Lolie Yu met 4-year-old Quentin, she knew the chance of survival for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: less than 30%.

But there was hope. At the time of Quentin’s diagnosis, his mother was pregnant. Dr. Yu suggested banking the new baby’s cord blood and placental blood with Lifebank®. Quentin’s parents agreed.

After Quentin’s baby sister was delivered and the blood was collected and processed, they received the news: The sibling stem cells were a perfect match for Quentin. At the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, Dr. Yu successfully performed the world’s first combined cord blood and placental blood transplant.


Quentin Today

Today, Quentin is an active and healthy teenager. He loves playing trombone and video games, making art—and annoying his little sister Jory, who served as his stem-cell donor. We are honored to have had the opportunity to help Quentin, his family—and all the other families that have found hope by banking their stem cells with Lifebank.