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Why Choose LifebankUSA?

As a leader in cord blood and placental blood stem cell banking, we have designed a variety of services to offer your child the best chance for a healthy future. Everything we do—our industry-leading technology, our unique retrieval process, and our personalized care—is for the health and well-being of your family. 

At LifebankUSA, we offer the most comprehensive cord blood and placental blood banking options, so you can save more of the stem cells needed for today’s treatments and save unique stem cells for future medical advancements as they become available.

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Cord Blood Banking

The Foundation of Stem Cell Banking

Your baby’s cord blood is a precious and potentially life-saving source of stem cells that can be used to treat up to 80 diseases—from leukemia to inherited metabolic disorders.*,4 Cord blood stem cells are also being researched for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder and cerebral palsy.5,6,7 When you save cord blood, placental blood, and placental tissue together with LifebankUSA, you are investing in the ability for you and your family to take advantage of today’s treatments and tomorrow’s advancements in this constantly evolving field.

The Power of the Placenta

Treat Disease & Maintain Good Health

Chances are you’re familiar with cord blood banking, but cord blood isn’t the whole story. Your baby spends nine months protected by a life support system called the placenta,1 and there are powerful benefits to banking placental blood and placental tissue. Research has shown the placenta to be a vital organ offering enormous healing potential long after your child is born.2 After birth, your placenta can act as your child’s natural repair kit.

It’s full of important stem cells that offer new potential to treat disease, and may prove beneficial in the emerging field of regenerative medicine—an area of medicine that studies the potential to heal damaged tissue and organs.2,3 Placentas are discarded as medical waste unless you request that they be saved for stem cell collection and other tissue products. Only LifebankUSA helps you make your child’s stem cell collection even more valuable by retrieving a larger number of the key stem cells for today’s medical treatments and unique stem cells for future medical advancements.



Our Services and Pricing

At The Forefront of Medical Advancements

For nearly two decades, stem cell pioneer and LifebankUSA founder Robert Hariri, MD, PhD, has had a vision to advance stem cell science and the stem cell banking industry. That’s why Dr. Hariri founded LifebankUSA, the only company committed to offering the broadest range of continually evolving banking services for your child and family to take advantage of future medical advancements as they happen.

The LifebankUSA Difference

Our Commitment to Our Customers

LifebankUSA is a leader in stem cell banking for your family’s future. We are the only private stem cell bank that offers cord blood, placental blood, and placental tissue banking, as well as first-in-class Advanced Biobanking. We are committed to advancing stem cell science and to providing you and your family with innovative stem cell banking services. Through our research and clinical trials, we are actively pursuing medical breakthroughs that will maximize the treatment potential of cord blood and placental stem cells and further advance the field of regenerative medicine.

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*For some diseases and genetic conditions, children will not be able to use their own stem cells and would require a stem cell transplant from a sibling or unrelated donor.