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Let the miracle of birth keep on giving by donating your cord blood and placenta!

Afterbirth bio-materials, such as umbilical cords and placentas, are often discarded as medical waste after birth; however, these biomaterials have powerful stem cells with multiple applications! They are used today to treat approximately 80 different conditions including leukemia,1 and there are over 1,000 clinical trials underway to find more uses for other disorders like autism.2

By donating your cord blood and placenta to Lifebank®, you are helping scientists and the medical community who are conducting stem cell research to develop new therapies that may save lives in the future. Fill out this short form or call the Lifebank team directly at (877) 543-3226 to start the process for donating!

**Please note that this service is at no cost to you, but by donating you forgo ownership of your stem cell collection. If you would like to maintain ownership of your cord blood and placenta stem cell collection, please consider our private stem cell banking options.

The Lifebank Donation Process

Watch this video to hear from Megan, our Donor Procurement Specialist who describes how to donate your cord blood, tissue, and placenta and why doing so can be beneficial.


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