Want to Increase the Potential of Your Cord Blood Collection?

Want to Increase the Potential of Your Cord Blood Collection?

As you know, the stem cells in cord blood have transformative potential and have been used to treat over 30,000 patients worldwide.1 Research has shown that using a higher number of stem cells in a transplant leads to better engraftment and survival rates in transplant recipients.2

The placenta is an additional source of powerful stem cells, and Lifebank has the proprietary technology to offer placental blood banking in addition to cord blood banking to expectant parents. Although only cord blood is currently being used therapeutically, the possible uses of stem cells found within placental blood are being researched in the exciting field of regenerative medicine. By choosing to bank your placental blood now, you may unlock additional therapeutic uses for your stem cell collection in the future.

Your child is being born into a world of extraordinary possibilities that include the enormous potential of stem cell banking. Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by choosing Lifebank and add placenta blood banking to your cord blood collection for an additional potential benefit for you and your family, should the banked stem cell ever be needed. You can click here to check out our prices and packages.


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