Why Bank Placental Blood?

Transplant Success & Survival

Bank more potentially life-saving stem cells.

1. Collect the Greatest Number of Stem Cells Possible

Banking placental and cord blood is your best opportunity to maximize the number of stem cells collected. LifebankUSA is the first and only family bank to have pioneered the advanced technology used to obtain stem cells from placental blood as well as placental tissue.

2. Help Improve the Chances of Success

Placental blood is richer than cord blood in stem cells that have life-saving potential.1 Numerous studies have shown that using a higher number of stem cells may help to improve survival in transplant patients.2,3,4

3. Be prepared for the future of medicine

Placental blood also contains a type of stem cell that has shown promise in the exciting field of regenerative medicine.5,6,7 Banking placental blood may one day put your child and your family in the best position to take advantage of ongoing developments in this field.

Learn more about the power of the placenta, our services, and our unique approach by downloading our FREE LifebankUSA Quick Guide to stem cell banking.