Lifebank offers the most comprehensive Stem Cell Banking options in the industry because we focus on research & advancement



Cord Blood is being used for stem cell transplants in the treatment of up to 80 different diseases.*,2


Today & Tomorrow

Placental Blood is being used for treatments of life-threatening diseases and is being researched for future medical applications.,2


Future Advancements

Placental Tissue is being researched for future medical advancements.

Get The Most Stem Cells With Placental & Umbilical Cord Options Only Available at Lifebank BY CELULARITY™

You Have One Chance to Secure This Life-Saving Potential


Every stem cell banking company will tell you the more stem cells you bank, the better. But Lifebank is the only company to have pioneered the advanced technology to collect both placental stem cells used for today’s treatments as well as the unique placental stem cells that can be used for future medical advancements. We discovered unique stem cells that remained trapped in the blood vessels of the placenta, so we created an innovative retrieval method to collect those cells. Collecting more stem cells means that your child or a close family member (blood relative) could benefit from multiple life-saving treatments well into adulthood.

Founder & CEO - Robert J. Hariri MD, PhD

Pioneer in Stem Cell Advancement

With our team of scientists and technicians continue to innovate and Lifebank is able to offer the most comprehensive collection of stem cells and tissues available; which I like to call “Nature’s Repair Kit.” Each personalized collection not only benefits families, but has the potential to unlock emerging medical treatments as they become available. Our talented team developed these technologies—and as such, we are the only company to provide them.

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