Lifebank is Committed to Cord Blood Purity

Lifebank is Committed to Cord Blood Purity

Lifebank has a commitment to purity thanks to unique collection procedures. We achieve the purest collection of cord blood stem cells through a unique red blood cell depletion process, resulting in over a 99% purity level.

LifebankUSA’s customized approach uses a manual cell separation process giving your collection the personal attention it deserves. Other cord blood banks use an automated process delivering lower purity levels,8,9 which can lead to transplant complications.

LifebankUSA’s red blood cell removal process eliminates the need for additional manipulation and preparation of your baby’s stem cells, should a transplant ever be needed. Our first commitment has always been to provide the best possible cord blood banking service to the parents who choose LifebankUSA.

From the moment your collection kit arrives at LifebankUSA, until the time it gets safely stored at our state-of-the-art facility, our technicians process your baby’s stem cells using the latest technology in our highly-controlled and sterile lab. During processing, stem cells are separated and collected from the plasma, and tests are conducted to determine cell count, cell viability and the number of CD34+ stem cells. Once processing is complete, our lab specialists transfer your stem cells to a transplant cartridge for preservation, where they are cryopreserved in a vapor-phase liquid nitrogen storage tank at approximately -190°C. The temperature is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lifebank has released cord blood stem cell units for sibling transplants, resulting in 100% survival rates in treating both hemoglobinopathies and malignant diseases.

Our processing procedures are tested and validated, giving you confidence that your cord blood banking collection is well preserved and transplant-ready.


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