Unlock your child's future with the power of the placenta

LifebankUSA—a leader in stem cell banking—allows you to collect stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta when your baby is born, so you can take advantage of future possibilities in medical advancements as they happen.

At LifebankUSA, we offer the most comprehensive stem cell banking options and advanced technology, so you can save more cells now, and store more hope for the future.

The Power of the Placenta

Research has shown the placenta to be a vital organ offering enormous healing potential long after your child is born.1 After birth, your placenta can act as your child’s natural repair kit.

Placental Stem Cells & Tissue

Adding placental stem cells and tissue to your stem cell collection increases the number of unique stem cells required for future advancements in regenerative medicine.2

The 99% Club

More than 99% of parents said they would bank with us again. Read what our clients are saying about us.

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