FAQs: Stem Cell Banking at LifebankUSA

Public cord blood banking is free. The cost of cord blood banking with a private bank varies from company to company.

LifebankUSA has a range of pricing options across our banking services to meet your family’s individual needs. The cost of cord blood banking with LifebankUSA starts at $1,750 for enrollment, collection and processing, and the first year of storage. Thereafter, storage fees start at $125 a year (when prepaid for 25 years).

Our comprehensive banking options allow your family to take advantage of more of the benefits of both today’s and tomorrow’s stem‑cell‑based medical treatments. Adding placental blood, placental tissue, or cord blood tissue to your cord blood collection will be reflected in the associated costs. Learn more about our comprehensive banking services and their associated prices.

Ways to help manage the cost

To help your family manage the cost of cord blood banking and our other banking services, LifebankUSA offers several cost-saving programs, including:

  • LifebankUSA Gift Registry: Receive contributions from friends and family members toward the cost of banking
  • Refer a Friend, Get a Gift: For every person you refer who signs up and banks stem cells with LifebankUSA, you’ll receive a $150 Amazon gift card
  • Bank Again at a Discount: Call for a discount on enrollment when you bank with us a second (or third!) time

How are stem cells processed?

When considering the cost of cord blood banking, it can be helpful to understand just where your money will go. LifebankUSA uses state-of-the-art collection, processing, and storage methods to help ensure that your baby’s stem cells are preserved for the long term, giving you immediate access if you should need them. LifebankUSA’s heparin-free collection process uses an FDA-recommended cell-protecting solution called citrate phosphate dextrose (CPD), which allows cells to maintain their integrity in the time between collection and processing.

LifebankUSA removes red blood cells, which have no therapeutic benefit and can lead to transplant complications13, from cord blood through a customized process called “red blood cell depletion”.

Our process ensures that the cord blood units are 99% pure* on average.14 Our trained technicians manually separate red blood cells from stem cells, giving your collection the personalized attention it deserves. Other cord blood banks use an automated process and may have purity levels as low as 71%.15,16

*Purity is defined as the absence of red blood cells in cord blood.