Cord Blood Stem Cells Can Treat Over 80 Life-Threatening Diseases

Cord Blood Stem Cells Can Treat Over 80 Life-Threatening Diseases

Cord Blood – A Viable Stem Cell Treatment

Did you know that cord blood has been used for stem cell treatments for 20+ years to treat approximately 80 life-threatening1 diseases on more than 30,0002 patients worldwide?3 Stem cell therapies may one day be a first line therapy for your children.

Lifebank offers a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to capture these powerful stem cells that are unique to your child. Using cord blood from a family member instead of an unrelated donor has many advantages, most importantly increasing the odds of success.4-6

A successful stem cell treatment requires that the patient and the donor have closely matching human leukocyte antigen (HLA) types.7 Private cord blood banking ensures that your baby will have access to a 100% HLA match should a stem cell transplant be required. Also, HLA types are inherited from our parents, so private cord blood banking provides an increased likelihood of a close HLA match for a close family member (blood relative).

Overall, choosing the right bank for your family is an important decision. Lifebank is here to help you every step of the way. Call us at 1-877-543-3226 to find out more about cord blood banking, placenta blood banking and tissue banking.



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