Cord Blood Banking

The Foundation of Stem Cell Banking

Explore the potential of your baby’s cord blood stem cells

Investing in the future of your family’s health starts with proper planning. There are numerous banking and storage options to consider. LifebankUSA is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make the stem cell banking decision that is right for you.

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood is widely recognized as a potentially life-saving source of stem cells for many current and emerging treatments. Cord blood banking gives you and your family the opportunity to unlock the potential of your baby’s precious, unique cord blood stem cells for later use in stem cell transplants and a constantly growing number of other medical treatments.

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Why Invest in Cord Blood Banking?

Did you know that your child or a family member has a 1 in 200 chance of needing a stem cell transplant during his or her lifetime?1 Banking your baby’s cord blood gives you peace of mind knowing you have immediate access to a related source of stem cells for transplantation to treat up to 80 different diseases.*,2

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How to decide

Choosing the Best Cord Blood Bank

You only get one chance to bank your baby’s cord blood, so you’ll want to be sure your choice of cord blood bank is the right one. LifebankUSA is the only company in the world to offer the advanced technology to collect both the placental stem cells for today’s treatments and unique placental stem cells for future medical advancements.

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LifebankUSA Offers the Most Comprehensive Banking Options for Today and Tomorrow’s Medical Treatments


Cord Blood is being used for stem cell transplants in the treatment of up to 80 different diseases.*,2

Today & Tomorrow

Placental Blood is being used for treatments of life-threatening diseases and is being researched for future medical applications.

Future Advancements

Placental Tissue is being researched for future medical advancements.

Stem Cells 101

Stem cells are the building blocks of all the different types of cells that make up the body’s blood, tissues, and organs. They have the remarkable ability to transform into other types of cells and replenish themselves as needed. Due to their transformative potential, stem cells can be used to replace other cells in the body that are abnormal or have been destroyed by disease. Banking stem cells may play a role in a long and healthy future for your family.

*For some diseases and genetic conditions, children will not be able to use their own stem cells and would require a stem cell transplant from a sibling or unrelated donor.