Cord Blood: 3 Ways that Lifebank Maximizes the Potential to Save Lives

Cord Blood: 3 Ways that Lifebank Maximizes the Potential to Save Lives

Did you know that Lifebank can help maximize the potential of cord blood? There are a number of reasons that Lifebank is the smart choice for cord blood banking, but there are four that stand out:

1. The Power of the Placenta:

LifebankUSA is the only company able to offer placenta blood banking, making cord blood more powerful. Banking placenta blood in addition to cord blood banking can preserve 60% — 70% more CD34+ stem cells than cord blood banking alone. Transplanting more stem cells increases the probability of transplant success and survival.

2. The Purest Processing:

Lifebank offers transplant-ready stem cells that are available when you need them. We achieve the purest collection of cord blood stem cells through our unique red blood cell depletion process, resulting in over a 99% purity level. LifebankUSA’s red blood cell removal process eliminates the need for additional manipulation and preparation of your baby’s cord blood stem cells, should a transplant ever be needed. Our first commitment has always been to provide the best possible service to the parents who choose LifebankUSA.

3. More Cells for Successful Treatments and the Future of Regenerative Medicine:

In a clinical study of more than 100 patients at the University of Minnesota Cancer Center, using more CD34+ stem cells led to a significant survival advantage in transplant patients. Multiple studies have confirmed increased probability of transplant success when using more CD34+ cells.

Banking placenta blood in addition to cord blood can also provide 209% more CD105+ mesenchymal-like stem cells compared to cord blood banking alone.† 50% of Lifebank customers also bank placenta blood, creating a more valuable cord blood collection. Stem cells are being studied as investigational therapies in regenerative medicine for the following conditions (see chart below).

Choosing the right cord blood bank for your family is an important decision. Lifebank is here to help you every step of the way. Call us at 1-877-543-3226 to find out more cord blood banking, placenta blood banking and tissue banking.

†Studies have shown that mesenchymal cells may prove to be useful in regenerative medicine. Mesenchymal-like cells have the ability to differentiate into several other cell types. Regenerative medicine is an emerging field and the quantity of mesenchymal cells necessary for treatment is not yet known. Treatments using mesenchymal cells for regenerative medicine are investigational and are not consistent with current labeling. Stem cells from the placenta and cord blood are indicated to rebuild blood.

Cord blood and placenta-derived stem cells banked with Lifebank are indicated for hematopoietic reconstitution (the reformation of blood cellular components) for autologous use or use in first or second degree blood relatives. Any use of cord blood and placental stem cells other than for hematopoietic reconstitution is considered investigational, including regenerative medicine therapies.