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Private Cord Blood Banking: 6 Things You Need to Know

So, you’ve been doing some research on private cord blood banking. Feeling overwhelmed by all the information you’re uncovering?

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Public Cord Blood Banking: What You Need to Know

If you’re thinking about banking your baby’s cord blood stem cells, one question you’ve probably considered is whether to choose a private or public cord blood bank. As with any major decision in your life, it pays to do your research so you can make the best choice for your family about the future of your baby’s cord blood.

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How to Bond with Your Newborn

If you’re like many mothers, you might have imagined that you would forge an instant maternal-child bond the moment your bundle of joy was placed in your arms after delivery. In reality, labor and delivery may leave you physically and emotionally drained and you may feel overwhelmed by dealing with a crying baby who needs to nurse around the clock. As you’re juggling these new feelings and responsibilities, you may wonder – now that my baby is here, how do I bond with him (or her)?

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Foods to Avoid When You’re Pregnant

One of the best things you can do to give your baby a healthy head start is getting the right nutrition during pregnancy and steering clear of foods that are potentially harmful to you and/or your baby.

Here’s a quick rundown of 5 foods you should avoid when you’re pregnant:

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Public vs Private Cord Blood Banks

Private or Public? Deciding which Cord Blood Bank is Right for You

If you’ve already made the important decision to save your baby’s cord blood, you may be thinking about the best place to bank it. Should you donate your child’s cord blood to a public bank? Or, should you store it with a private bank for your own family’s exclusive use?

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6 Reasons Why You Should Bank Your Baby’s Cord Blood

Thinking about banking your baby’s cord blood? Then, you probably already know that cord blood contains powerful stem cells, which are biologically younger and more flexible than adult stem cells from sources like bone marrow. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the unique advantages of cord blood stem cells and what they could mean for your child. Here are 6 reasons why cord blood banking is a smart decision for you and your family:

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Cord Blood Stem Cells Can Treat Over 80 Life-Threatening Diseases

Did you know that cord blood stem cells have been used for 20+ years to treat over 80 life-threatening1 diseases on more than 30,0002 patients worldwide?3 Stem cell therapies may one day be first line medicine for your children.

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Cord Blood: 3 Ways that LifebankUSA Maximizes the Potential to Save Lives

Did you know that LifebankUSA can help maximize the potential of cord blood? There are a number of reasons that LifebankUSA is the smart choice for cord blood banking, but there are four that stand out:

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Regenerative Medicine Offers Extraordinary Medical Opportunities

Doctors already treat serious illnesses with cord blood and placenta blood stem cells through hematopoietic reconstitution1,2 (the process of replacing diseased blood cells with healthy stem cells). It has already been proven that higher quantities of stem cells result in higher rates of transplant success and survival.3 Soon, having more cells available may also prove beneficial for new treatments in the emerging medical field called regenerative medicine.4,5

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LifebankUSA is Committed to Cord Blood Purity

LifebankUSA has a commitment to purity thanks to unique collection procedures. We achieve the purest collection of cord blood stem cells through a unique red blood cell depletion process, resulting in over a 99% purity level.

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