LifebankUSA has released its 50th stem cell unit for transplant!

As an expectant parent, you may know of the transformative power of cord and placenta blood stem cells. With our latest release of cord blood stem cells for a patient transplant this July, we are proud to announce that LifebankUSA has now released 50 stem cell units for transplant for patients all over the world. Ten of these transplants have been with placenta blood stem cells. No other stem cell bank in the world has released a placenta stem cell unit for transplant.

Cord blood and placenta blood stems cells are currently used for the treatment of over 80 diseases which include leukemia, lymphoma and Fanconi anemia – and hundreds of clinical studies are underway to find further benefits of cord blood.

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The only way you can bank the most stem cells possible, which may yield superior patient outcomes, is to bank cord and placenta blood cells with LifebankUSA.

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