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LifebankUSA Pricing

Multiple ways to bank. Multiple payment plan options.

LifebankUSA offers low monthly payment plans – as low as $52.17 per month. Expectant parents can also join the LifebankUSA Gift Registry to receive contributions toward stem cell banking from their friends and families to help lower your cord blood banking cost..

LifebankUSA offers four advanced banking options, giving you the most flexibility and the highest yield of stem cells. Your options begin with banking stem cells from cord blood alone, or banking cord blood in addition to tissue. Another option is to bank both cord blood and placenta blood giving you an increased supply of stem cells. And for the most potential treatment options in the future, add tissue to cord blood and placenta blood banking.*


Whether you choose cord blood banking alone or placenta and cord blood banking, you will be charged a $175 nonrefundable fee upon enrollment. When your baby arrives, the balance of the enrollment fee is due and is payable based on your selection of a payment plan below.

cord blood banking pricing chart

LifebankUSA also offers many flexible payment plans, including our 18-Year Pre-Pay Plan for the most savings.

† Collection & Processing Fee includes a $175.00 non-refundable deposit due at enrollment.
Prices are subject to change and cancellation fees may apply.
When your baby arrives, the balance of the enrollment fee becomes due and is payable based upon your selection above.
The Annual Storage fee is also due at that time.
Please call for additional payment plan options including tissue banking and multiple births.

Payment Calculator

Each family’s budget is unique. That’s why we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing and payments for cord blood and tissue banking. Calculate your stem cell banking costs and we’ll recommend payment plans that may fit your family’s budget.

Save with our prepaid plans.


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