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LifebankUSA Pricing

Multiple ways to bank. Multiple payment plan options.

LifebankUSA innovative portfolio of banking options provides you the opportunity to save the MOST stem cells possible for your child’s future.


LifebankUSA offers many ways to bank stem cells and multiple monthly payment plan options. Expectant parents can also join LifebankUSA Gift Registry to receive contributions toward stem cell banking from their friends and families to help lower the cost of cord blood banking.


A non-refundable deposit of $175.00 is due at enrollment. Prices are subject to change and cancellation fees may apply. When your baby arrives,  the collection and processing fee becomes due and is payable based upon your selection above. The Annual Storage fee is also due at that time. Discounts cannot be used on prepay plans. Monthly payment plan fees have been rounded to the nearest dollar.

Payment plan pricing is equal to the collection and processing fee with the $175.00 non-refundable deposit deducted. Twenty-four month payment plans include an annual interest rate of 14.99%.

If you choose the storage prepay option, you will not be charged the first year storage fee.

Prepay savings are based on discounted price of prepay versus 12 month payment plan for collection and processing.


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