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What to Pack for the Hospital

August 9, 2016
Worried that you’ll forget something as you’re rushing out the door to the hospital or birthing center? Having your bag packed and ready to go well in advance of your due date will save you (and your partner) from having to scramble at the last minute when it’s time to leave. Need help figuring out what to bring? Here are some of the essentials for your hospital bag: Things You’ll Need During Labor: Your health insurance card. Your birth plan. Read more…

Checking the Safety of Your Baby’s Crib

July 20, 2016
Newborns sleep a lot – up to 18 hours a day – so creating a safe sleep environment is important. Taking a few moments to educate yourself about crib safety will help ensure that both you and your baby get a good, safe night’s sleep. Here are 10 simple rules to follow to keep your baby sleeping safely: Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to verify that the crib you’ve purchased is safety-approved. Make sure that the crib is Read more…

Exercising During Pregnancy

July 15, 2016
Sticking to a regular exercise regimen throughout your pregnancy can help you stay happy and healthy. It can also improve your posture, relieve stress and decrease common symptoms of pregnancy, such as backache, constipation and fatigue. Looking ahead, maintaining your physical activity may help you build up the stamina you will need for labor and make it easier to lose the baby weight after birth. Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy? If you are healthy and your pregnancy is Read more…

10 Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness

July 12, 2016
Note: This information is for general, educational purposes only, and does not replace the advice of a health care professional.  Morning sickness getting you down? Here are some options for helping you cope with that nauseous feeling: Get plenty of rest. Stress and fatigue can exacerbate morning sickness. Rest, relax and go to bed early. Make time for catnaps during the day if you can, but don’t take a nap right after you’ve eaten. Spoil yourself with breakfast in bed. Read more…

LifebankUSA Joins the Human Longevity, Inc. Family

June 7, 2016
Recently, Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) announced the acquisition of LifebankUSA, now part of HLI’s Cellular Therapeutics business. This is exciting because we share a common vision for the future where our combined capabilities will give families peace of mind and the ability to plan for their child’s healthy life journey. Who is HLI? HLI is a genomics-based, technology-driven company creating the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of whole genome, phenotype and clinical data. HLI’s mission is to change the Read more…

Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

May 20, 2016
Please note: The following article provides general guidelines on a healthy pregnancy diet. All pregnant women should check with their healthcare provider regarding appropriate dietary needs and supplements for their individual pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is important for both you and your baby: » For you: Eating well decreases your odds of experiencing pregnancy complications such as anemia, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. It may also help minimize morning sickness, fatigue and other common pregnancy symptoms. As an Read more…

7 Tips for Buying Baby Gear

May 17, 2016
As you’re preparing for your baby’s arrival, you’ve probably been tempted by tons of too-cute clothes, toys and other baby stuff. Before you go on that shopping spree, check out these tips for choosing the baby gear you will actually need and use: Do Your Research Should you splurge on that high-tech stroller or can you get by with a lower-tech version? Do you really need a baby wipe warmer? Before you buy, read up on the products you’re interested Read more…

What is Cord Blood?

April 13, 2016
Did you know that your child or a family member has a 1 in 200 chance of needing a stem cell transplant during their lifetime?1 Cord blood is the blood left in the umbilical cord after a baby is born. At one time discarded as medical waste, cord blood is now recognized as a potentially life-saving source of cells. Cord blood contains stem cells that can be preserved for later use in medical therapies, including stem cell transplants and clinical Read more…

10 Tips for Baby-Proofing Your Home

March 16, 2016
Keeping your baby safe is a top priority. Child-proofing your home is an essential part of creating a safe haven for your baby, especially when your baby starts crawling and cruising around the house. Here are some tips on baby-proofing your home as your baby’s mobility and curiosity grow: Use indoor safety gates Putting up barriers makes it hard for little ones to get to hazardous areas, like staircases, fireplaces and bathrooms. When you’re blocking off stairs, make sure to Read more…

Private Cord Blood Banking: 6 Things You Need to Know

February 11, 2016
So, you’ve been doing some research on private cord blood banking. Feeling overwhelmed by all the information you’re uncovering? To help you sort through the deluge, here are six things you need to know: Cord blood transplants have been in use for more than 25 years. In 1988, Dr. Elaine Gluckman of St. Louis Hospital in Paris performed the first successful cord blood transplant. The transplant was performed on a 5-year-old boy with Fanconi anemia, a rare blood disorder.1 Since then, Read more…
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